Virtual Modelers 1.2
October - December 2002

VM 1.2 is ending and the pictures of the finished models are starting to flow in. Here are some of them and others are on the way.

Tom Lawler built this car and painstakingly carved open the side to model an open door car (not an option with the kit!). This involved creating a door opening and separating the door frame from the door (they're cast as a single part in the kit). Nice job!

Jim Brewer sent the following two views of his version of the NYC USRA design steel box car. This model represents one of the versions built in the late 1920s with Dreadnaught ends. Jim has modeled a car repainted after the black background was removed from the herald.

Bruce Smith decided to double his pleasure and built two cars. The first is an NYC version with the three panel doors. The second shows off one of the CCC&St.L cars that was still floating around in the late 1940s (see prototype below). Nice weathering jobs!

Andy Cich built two cars as well. Both models are built to look as they appeared in 1953. The NYC car represents a more recent repaint, and the Peoria & Eastern car represents a car that has not been repainted since the black background was dropped. The same color was used to paint both models, but some white was added to the mix when the P&E car was painted to represent more faded paint.

Here is Scott Pitzer's rendition of the NYC USRA design steel car. From Scott:

My model represents a car painted in 1948 (no black ends or herald background) and operating in 1953. For patch panels I tried strips of thick decal, but when over-painted they disappeared. I used a dark wash in the weathering phase to suggest the repaired areas, but I'll try something else next time. The weathering also shows (more successfully) the different look of various side sheets on some older cars.

Prototype Photos

East St. Louis, late 1930's, Joe Collias Photo