Virtual Modelers

Virtual Modelers (VM) is intended to be a temporary, loose affiliation of modelers building the "same" kits and connected by the Internet. These groups will form every three months to tackle similar projects. The results will be displayed on this web site. The group will be able to communicate via an email list to discuss topics related to the kit-building effort at hand. The target models for this group will be resin kits of prototypes that existed in large enough quantities so as to be attractive to all modelers, regardless of the region of the country that he or she models.

The VM email list can be accessed at:

Here are the details:

At the start of each three-month period, the group will commence work on a model that has been agreed upon by a vote of all interested parties. The model will be chosen from a list* that will be presented to the group. The model receiving the highest number of votes is the one on which the group will work. Anyone who does not wish to work on that model may drop out before work commences. If you work in a scale other than HO and kits exist for the models in your scale, you are encouraged to join the group.

Once the three-month period starts, the modelers will use the email list to share information pertinent to the kits, ask questions, assist others through such means as posting in-progress photos to aid others. The goal is for everyone to complete his or her model within the three months and submit photos so that the group's efforts may be posted together.

Models can be of similar prototypes and from different eras. For example, if the group selected the USRA single sheathed box car, one person could conceivably model the PRR version as it existed in 1944 while another might model the as-built ACL version while yet another could finish the model as a refurbished N&W prototype circa 1951.

If you would like to participate, but cannot photograph your models, we will locate someone who can assist you.

Previous skills or experience is not a requirement. Only a commitment to complete the project is necessary.