Product Newsflashes

Here you will find a "quick" listing of new items related specifically to Steam Era freight cars. As more information becomes available, we endeavor to create New Products listings for these items. If you know of a new product that we have missed, please let us know at, Subject: Newsflash Info.

(07/27/2009)The Missouri Pacific Historical Society in conjunction with American Model Builders have released two new Missouri Pacific Caboose kits from the 1930’s.

  • Kit #883 is for the Missouri Pacific Drover Caboose built in 1930 by the St. Louis Car Company and were in use till the early 1960’s
  • Kit #884 is for the LCL/Merchandise Drover Caboose Conversions of these caboose during the 1950’s as stock trains diminished.

Kits are produced by American Model Builders exclusively for the Missouri Pacific Historical Society.

Each AMB kit consists of:
• Custom laser-scribed sides
• 100% laser-cut wood with tab & slot construction
• Peel & stick window & door assembly with color window shades
• Resin steps with laser-cut sills & end railings plus hand grab bending jig
• Laser cut ladders & brake wheel
• AMB white metals smoke jack 

Special MPHS additions:
• Tichy brake detail parts (KC or AB as appropriate)
• Custom decals specifically designed for the Drover & LCL Cabooses

Paint, glue, trucks & couplers not included.
Price per kit is $59.95 plus postage.
Correct trucks by Tahoe Model Works #TMW-104 Bettendorf Swing-motion are available for limited time only at $5.00/pr.
Shipping in the U.S.: $4.95 for 1 kit, $10.35 for 2-4 kits
Shipping outside the U.S.: $12.30 for 1 kit, $18.00 for 2-4 kits
Mail your check or money order to:
Missouri Pacific Historical Society
431 Kingwood Circle
Cabot, AR 72023

(07/26/2009) From Denis Blake at WrightTRAK


WrightTRAK Railroad Models is proud to announce the production of their latest HO scale cast resin freight car kit, a Southern Railway pulpwood car.  These cars, rebuilt from obsolete boxcars, feature the dreadnaught ends of the donor cars.  Rebuilt in 1951 a few examples of these cars remained in service into the 1980’s.   This kit can also represent a class of pulpwood cars owned by the Chesapeake and Ohio as well. 

Available featuring either as built Roman lettering or the later Block lettering, these cars would be right at home on any Southeastern based layout.  The kits feature the usual WrightTRAK quality one piece body with Tichy AB brake details as well as trucks and plastic wheelsets.  Couplers are not included.  Appropriate detail parts to complete the car are also included.

Priced at $39.95 they are available through our website at or by mail from WrightTRAK Railroad Models at P O Box 158, Clarkesville, GA 30523

See the illustrated WrightTRAK product flyer here


(05/14/2004) From John Riddell: Life Like Canada has a new PROTO 2000 freight car truck on the market. It is a 1937 cast-steel sideframe truck with SIMPLEX bolster. It has metal ribbed-back wheels. The bolster ends have the raised letters 'SIMPLEX' - the first such truck. The part number is 212560.  The package is labeled '1934 AAR Trucks with Simplex Bolsters'. Actually it is 1937 not 1934. These new Proto2000 trucks will be available on the future Life Like Fowler boxcars.

(04/20/2004) The first volume (40' steel box cars) in SRHA's upcoming series of Southern Railway equipment books is expected to be ready for the Kudzu Rails event at Kennesaw Ga in May. For information on the series (including a link to sample pages) and info on Kudzu Rails, please go to

(03/18/2004) Railway Prototype Cyclopedia Volume 10 can now be ordered. For those not familiar with them, these are phenomenal resources for prototype modelers. The photos alone are worth multiples of the cost of the volume. Here is some information from Ed Hawkins, one of the publishers of this fine series:

RPCyc 10 is scheduled for distribution in the 1st half of April 2004. We believe that you’ll really like Volume 10 as it is loaded with additional useful prototype information: more than 200 black & white photographs and illustrations for a total of 104 pages. Volume 10 contains articles on the following subjects:

  1. Freight Car Hand Brakes – 1920s to 1950s - 59 pages of a detailed study of an important safety appliance found on all freight cars. The article includes a comprehensive history, photos, diagrams, manufacturers’ advertisements, and tables of A.A.R. certified hand brakes (May 1944 and June 1959).
  2. New York Central 47’-11” Drop-Side Container Cars - 11 pages of photos and a history of truly unique early intermodal equipment.
  3. Phosphate Quadruple Covered Hopper Cars – Addendum - 5 pages of
    supplemental data to Volume 4 including a scale drawing, prototype
    photos, and model photos.
  4. AC&F Type 27 Uninsulated Multiple-Compartment I.C.C. 103 Tank Cars - 30 pages of a history, roster, scale drawing, and photos of these distinctive cars used to transport liquids.

To our loyal customers we extend a special pre-publication offer for Volume 10. The normal retail price for Volume 10 is $24.95. However, your cost is only $19.95 (postpaid) - a 20-percent discount. But here’s the catch! We must receive your payment by April 1, 2004, for this offer to be valid. To take advantage of this one-time pre-publication offer for RP CYC Volume 10, please send a check or money order for $19.95 by April 1, 2004 to:

RP CYC Publishing Co., P.O. Box 451, Chesterfield, MO 63006-0451

Missouri residents, please add $1.30 state sales tax ($21.25 total amount). Please visit our web site at for the latest information on our books published to date.

(03/18/2004) Intermountain has been showing test shots of their forthcoming HO Scale Santa Fe Sk-Q/R/S/T stock cars. The test shots have received very good reviews. Intermountain expects to release built up decorated models and undecorated kits some time this Summer.

(01/30/2004) Ian Clasper posted a message on the STMFC email list along with links to the Trix/Marklin web site. The company will be releasing 6,000 gallon insulated tank cars built to an American Car & Foundry design and commonly used for the transport of chlorine. These are a welcome addition to the market as they were a common tank car type seen throughout the U.S. and canada. Ed Hawkins is a consultant on this project and it can be presumed that if Trix follows his direction, these will be fine models. The following links provide pre-production photos. Link 1 Link 2

(01/26/2004) The following was posted on the Milwaukee list on Yahoo! Groups (by whome we do not know) and forwarded by Clark Propst:

Today I got test samples of the Milwaukee Road box car I am making. It is the long rib 40' 6' door Hiawatha box from 1939-40. It is injected molded in styrene with the correct roof, side door, ends and with the lumber door. The sides and ends were produced perfectly. The underframe didn't want to release from the mold and will have to be fine tuned by polishing and draft angles. We are working on the roof, running boards (steel and wood), ladders and air brakes. This will take 3 to 4 weeks. There will be 4 paint schemes and undecorated available. Stay tuned.

I hope I can answer some questions. This is an all new company and all new tooling. I will post photos when the web site is up. The price I am shooting for is $19.39. It will be 4 to 8 weeks before I can ship the cars. It is a 'one piece' body ie a five sided box with a separate roof. There will be 4 paint schemes and undecorated. I will tell more as I progress this.

Ted Schnepf added:

I have talked to this new entrepreneur and he said the hand holds would be modeled on the car side like Accurail cars.  The ladders will be separate.

In February, Westerfield will release kits of the Great Northern's 9000 series double sheathed, truss rod box cars. There will be three versions covering the entire service lifespan of these cars. Watch for info at our New Products page or check the Westerfield web site. (01/26/2004)

Mike Porter's Crummies has released an HO Scale kit of the Rock Island's double sheathed wood cabooses. It features laser cut body designed and manufactuired by American Model Builders, an Athearn underframe, laser cut end ladders, brake wheel and brake stand, peel and stick windows, doors and roofing material, white metal smokjack and custom decals. $41.95 plus $2.50 S&H. Orders can be sent to: P.O. Box 12004, Parkville, MO, 64152-0004.

Attention O Scalers! Dennis Storzek recently posted this to the Soo Line list on Yahoo Groups:

"I'm not sure how many on this list might model in O scale or Proto:48, but here is a chance to get accurate models of the WWI era single sheathed boxcars use by the Soo Line. In fact, this may well be the first, last, and only chance to get them.

As some of you may remember, years ago I offered an HO scale resin kit for these cars. A year ago I had a discussion with Mike O'Connel of Chooch Enterprises. Mike was developing a line of 1/4" scale resin kits of steam era cars, both freight and passenger, in part because Mike models in P:48. The conversation turned to my old HO scale kits, and I offered Mike the use of my drawings and research data.

I just saw Mike at Milwaukee Trainfest yesterday, and the outcome of the project is in question. Mike says that while the patterns for the Soo Line car are being built, he has not decided whether he will offer the kits commercially or not. It seems that orders for some of these resin kits have not met his expectations, and so he may just have the parts cast for himself and not bother to do the extra work that producing a complete kit would entail. At this point I inquired if other interested parties could purchase sets of the resin castings, and he said that anyone interested should contact him.

I urge anyone who would like to have a model of these classic Soo Line cars in the "King of Scales", either for the layout or the mantelpiece, to get in touch with Mike. From the other freight cars he had on display last year, he turns out excellent work, and if he doesn't do this car, no one will. This is truly a once in a lifetime chance. Take a look at the Ultracraft II listings on the Chooch web site.

Contact information can be found by clicking the "Contact Us" button."

I recently received one of the Kaslo Shops HO scale resin kits for the CN '1929' single sheathed box cars. I was extremely impressed with the castings and would suggest that you visit their site to see if there are any items of interest to you. (12/08/2003)

Ian Clasper posted a message to the STMFC list about Point 1 Models and their CN flat looks quite nice. (12/08/2003)

Burl Rice is offering a couple of resin kitbashing parts sets with or without decals for Tennessee Central box cars and woodchip hooperss and L&N woodchip hoppers. For more information, or to order, please click the following link.

Accurail will be releasing HO models of the 1935 AAR offset side triple hopper, specifically the variant with the side sills that angle up from the bolster to the end sill, and the ends with the two zee-bar center braces. Some of the new kit's features:

  • Fine sill steps molded from tough, durable Acetal resin, molded as one piece with the diagonal end braces and bolster top plate so they don't fall off the car
  • Center sills set up for either standard mount couplers OR Accumate PROTO:HO "scale size" couplers
  • Brake levers and piping modeled between the major brake components
  • Slope sheet braces properly modeled
  • Fine section end ladder
  • Properly modeled Wine door locks
  • Hidden weights

These cars were in service from before WWII until well into the sixties and early seventies. After these are done, we'll be looking at doing the AAR alternate standard exterior post triple hopper. This car dates from after WWII and lasted through the seventies; later on some roads. (11/05/2003)

From Larry Fuller of Division Point: I have received painted production samples of the PRR N-5, N-5b with and without trainphone, N-5c with and without trainphone, and N-6b center and offset cupola versions.  These will come in various PRR paint schemes.  Quantities are limited for each lettering scheme. (10/13/2003)

Allan Grayson advised that Pacific Mountain Scale Shops B&O cabooses are now fully upgraded to include etchings and other details and their CPR "Big Otis" coal gondola is almost ready to go. (10/13/2003)

Sunshine Models has announced the line up of HO Scale models that will be released at this year's Prototype Modelers Seminar in Naperville, IL on October 23-26. (09/30/2003)

  • Tank Cars:
    • UTLX 6,500 gallon tank car ($34)
    • UTLX 'skinny' 8,000 gallon tank car ($34)
    • UTLX Aluminum & Black 'Skellysolve' 8,000 gallon tank car ($35)
  • Steel Rebuilds:
    • NKP 7' door, 10'6" IH with fishbelly center sill underframe (indented Hutchins, indented Murphy or indented Murphy with end door) ($34)
    • NKP Double Door, 10'6" IH with fishbelly center sill underframe (early Youngstown door with straight panel roof or modern Youngstown door with diagonal panel roof) ($34)
    • NYC 6' door, 10' IH with fishbelly center sill underframe and indented Murphy ends (Head-end, freight or Refrigeration unit cars) ($32)
    • L&N 10' IH 6' door (Murphy or Dreadnaught ends, early large or 'Old Reliable' lettering) ($34)
    • C&O 2000 series 10' IH, 6' door with Murphy ends (original or 'For Progress' herald) ($32)
  • Single Sheathed Cars
    • NP 14500 & 20000 series ($32)
    • CB&Q XM-29 ($32)
    • Frisco 145500 series (wood 1923 as built with Samson radial roof, 1938 Hutchins replacement roof or 1941 steel rebuild with Murphy paneled roof) ($32)
  • Regional items:
    • CGW or NdeM 1932 ARA box cars (Murphy ends and three-panel doors) ($32)
    • Illinois Terminal 8300 series double door, double sheathed auto car
      • with closed doors, $32
      • with complete interior including 2/3 height wood lining, exposed trusses and back side of doors, $40
  • Special run:
    • NC&St.L 1932 ARA design express car ($34)
    • Sizable collection of 1932 ARA box cars
  • Closeout:
    • GN wood sheathed 10'0" IH 1925 ARA box cars
      • Youngstown door ($25)
      • Superior door ($27)
    • NP War Emergency box cars ($27)
  • Private Stock:
    • Santa Fe Fe-N/O 40' former Auto/Furniture cars, double sheathed ($32)

The next volume of the invaluable Railway Prototype Cyclopedia series, Number 9, will be available in October 2003.

It is loaded with 105 pages of useful prototype information, including 177 photographs, 4 tables, and 8 diagrams. Volume 9 contains articles on the following subjects:

  • B&O Wagon-Top Box Cars (25 pages of history, diagrams, and photos of these unique cars and their early prototypes)
  • Pullman-Standard Compartmentizers (18 pages of history, diagrams, and photos describing Pullman-Standard's solution to securing lading, including prototype rolling stock equipped with Compartmentizers)
  • A.A.R. 50-ton Twin Offset-Side Hopper cars-Part V (17 pages that includes numerous photos of the cars owned by Midwestern railroads)
  • Express Refrigerator Cars-Addendum (26 additional pages of diagrams and photos of these ubiquitous and interesting head-end cars; a significant amount of additional material to that presented in Volume 7)
  • EMD F3 Phase IV Diesel Locomotives (19 pages of specs, photos, & tables of the final design of the F3 series, denoted by the addition of horizontal grilles).

The retail price for Volume 9 is $24.95. Please send a check or money order for to:

RP CYC Publishing Co., P.O. Box 451, Chesterfield, MO  63006-0451

Missouri residents, please add $1.30 state & local sales tax ($21.25 total).

Division Point Models is doing a short rerun of 100 models of the Santa Fe cabooses previously offered.  They will be importing only 20 of the wood cupola version.  The rest are all Steam Era steel cabooses in the same quantity of 20 for each version.  In addition, they are doing a rerun of the N&W Classes CF, CG, CH, and C-1 of cabooses in quantities of 20 for each class. All are HO Scale.

From Earl Tuson, S Helper Service has two new S Scale freight cars on their web page.

The Spring 2003 MPHS Eagle has an article Ed Hawkins entitled "Missouri Pacific's Stock Cars, Built 1911-1948." The article is 16 pages long and includes a detailed roster along with builder's photos and in-service photos (23 photos of individual cars) plus some action photos and models. A list of accurate models is provided as well as photos of Westerfield and Sunshine models. The issue is available for $6.50 (postpaid). Go to and click on MPHS Store.

In addition to this issue, there is also the Spring 2000 issue with another article by Ed Hawkins about the T&P's 40' Steel Box Cars

MPHS graphic

Smoky Mountain Model Works has announced plans to offer a resin kit of Central of Georgia ventilated box car in HO Scale. They are just finishing up the research on this project and expect to begin work shortly. (08/23/2003)

From Al Westerfield: John Riddell recently supplied me with a photo showing the B end of the car which proves that I modeled the brake details incorrectly. The car has no brake stand. Anyone who purchased kit #1557 at the Toronto NMRA convention please contact me to obtain a new brake staff bracket and revised instructions. Photos of the properly detailed car are now on our web page.

Larry Fuller from Division Point Models has informed us that they will be releasing state-of-the-art HO factory painted brass models of the Pennsylvania Railroad N-5, N-5b, and N-5c steel cabin cars, in various PRR lettering schemes.  Also, N-6b wood cabins in both center cupola and offset cupola versions in various PRR lettering schemes will be offered.  Look for them to arrive in August 2003.  Some lettering schemes will be offered in very limited quantities (only 20 pcs. in some cases). (05/13/2003)

Westerfield Photo

(04/02/2003) Westerfield has the first shot of the eagerly anticipated PRR X23 box cars. The first kit should be available at the PRRT&HS annual meeting in May. Additional variants will follow.

(03/25/2003) Broadway Limited Imports, known for their reasonably priced steam locomotives, has announced plans to release HO scale, RTR models of the N&W's very numerous H-2A hoppers. The models will be available in the following versions, all RTR six packs priced at $149.99 each:

  • 800 - Norfolk & Western w/24" Lettering - six pack A
  • 801 - Norfolk & Western w/24" Lettering - six pack B
  • 802 - Norfolk & Western w/24" Lettering - six pack C
  • 803 - Norfolk & Western w/24" Lettering - six pack D
  • 804 - Norfolk & Western w/17" Lettering - six pack A
  • 805 - Norfolk & Western w/17" Lettering - six pack B
  • 806 - Norfolk & Western w/17" Lettering - six pack C
  • 807 - Norfolk & Western w/17" Lettering - six pack D
  • 808 - Pennsylvania Railroad - six pack A
  • 809 - Pennsylvania Railroad - six pack B
  • 810 - Pennsylvania Railroad - six pack C
  • 811 - Pennsylvania Railroad - six pack D
  • 812 - Baltimore & Ohio - six pack A
  • 813 - Baltimore & Ohio - six pack B
  • 814 - Baltimore & Ohio - six pack C
  • 815 - Baltimore & Ohio - six pack D

(03/25/2003) Rail Classics will also be importing HO scale brass models of the H-2/-2A/-3 hoppers. All three variants will be offered for the N&W, in both 17" and 24" 'N&W'. In addition, the H-2A will be offered lettered for Pennsylvania, the H-3 for Baltimore & Ohio and the H-2 for the Wabash. No pricing information is available at present.

(03/16/2003) The Sunshine Models' second UTLX X-3 tank car releases - the 'squat' 8,000 and 6,500 gallon tank cars should be available soon as they are in the casting process. In addition, the UTLX X-5 insulated tank car project is well along in the pattern making phase and should also be available in the near future.

(02/24/2003) From Jim Eager: Rich Meyer just informed me that Champ Decals is about to go to press with four new decal sets for Rio Grande boxcars and GS gons. Having supplied builder's photos and reviewed the artwork for these, I am confident that these sets will be as accurate as possible, right down to the as-delivered fractional interior dimesions and trust stencils, so get your orders in and get them hot off the press. All sets are $2.75 ea. The sets are:

  • HB-84 - 40ft boxcars w/ white Flying Rio Grande - will do the 12-panel cars built by PSC in 1939-42 & '46, D&RGW 68000-69899 & 67500-67999 (modified C&BT Shops kits). Will also do the ex-NH 40ft PS-1's with 7ft doors leased in 1966, series 50150-50499.
  • HB-85 - 50ft boxcars w/ white Flying Rio Grande - will do the 60500-60509 PS-1s of 1954 with 9ft doors and notched sills.
  • HB-86 - 50ft dbl-door boxcars w/ white flying Rio Grande - will do the 63500-63699 PS-1s of 1957 with 7+8 doors.
  • HG-147 - 42ft GS gon w/ white Flying Rio Grande - will do the 46000-46499 cars blt PSC in 1947-48 (Details Associates & Red Caboose kits). Can also be used for the 46500-47499 cars with slightly different ends.

(02/24/2003) From Victor Baird: I spoke with Steve Funaro of Funaro & Camerlengo (email) recently at the Saline, MI train show. F&C will release kits for several versions of the Wabash single sheathed automobile box cars (various end and door versions) including the resheathed sheet metal version available this year. The patterns for these kits will be all new. F&C will also release kits for the stock car that was made from these cars. F&C plans to have the kits ready for sale at the time of the Toronto NMRA Convention.

(02/24/2003) Atlas will be offering HO Scale 11,000 gallon AC&F insulated LPG tank cars manufactured from 1947 into the mid-1950s. No release details are yet availabl. Check the Atlas web site for up-to-date information.

(02/06/2003) Railworks has imported PRR B-60b, LIRR BM-60 and N&W BEj & BMj baggage and RPO cars. Visit the BPL Brassworks site for more information.

(02/06/2003) Cooper & Oshtemo Loco Works is running custom painted cars in schemes for Michigan Shortline Railroads such as the Chicago, Kalamazoo, & Saginaw Railway, and the Grand Rapids, Holland, & Chicago Interurban. I do not have any information about these prototypes so the accuracy of the paint schemes will have to be researched by th buyer(s). For more information, visit the Cooper & Oshtemo web site.

(01/08/2003) From Larry Fuller: Division Point Models is expecting brass, factory painted HO Scale Nickel Plate Road wood caboose models in several varieties.  These should be in stock soon, if not already.  There are two types of 1000 series cars and long and short versions of the ex-LE&W wood cabooses.  All will be offered in the early brown scheme and the later red, "High Speed Service" scheme.  See your Division Point dealer for additional information.

(12/13/2002) W&R Enterprises has announced plans to import HO scale brass models of Northern Pacific Express Refrigerator Cars and Express Box Cars that were rebuilt from refrigerators. The November 2002 W&R flier, courtesy of Matt Herson, can be accessed through these links:

From Mike Brock:

It is time to announce the pending arrival of Harriman and Harriman-like head end cars in HO scale in resin. I have been working with a new company in the resin business...Southern Car and Foundry...for about a year in the development of information for the generation of these cars and am pleased and excited to announce that four different cars will be available in the Feb 2003 time period. At least one car will be shown at Prototype Rails in Jan 10-12 at Cocoa Beach. Rivets? You betcha. Rivet counters...prepare to count rivets.

Cars to be done are:

  • 60 ft 2 door baggage: UP 1709-1725 [ diagram P-2-7 ], SP B-60-1, -8
  • 60 ft postal storage: UP 2030-2055 [ diagram P-2-8 ], SP 60 P-2, -3, -4
  • 70 ft baggage and postal: UP 2242-2246 [ diagrams P-2-14, 15 ], SP 69-2, -3, -4, -5
  • 70 ft baggage: SP 70-B-1, -3, -4

For non UP and SP modelers, be aware that these cars, while in a mail storage role, would travel form coast to coast. There is photographic evidence of these cars entering New York City for instance. The cars lasted many yrs after the Steam Era.

The cars will be produced in 4 major components. The sides and ends will be one piece, the roof and floor separate castings. The underbody will be modeled.

More to come, including photos, as available. Photos of castings here.

Rich Yoder Models has announced plans to import O Scale brass models of the USRA 70-ton Mill Gondolas. Photos of the pilot model of the New York Central versions are shown below. (10/31/2002)

Challenger will be importing HO scale brass models of the Southern Pacific (SP) B-50-12A box cars
PFE / REA rebuilt express refrigerator cars. More details to follow. (10/17/2002)

Campbell Road advises that they have a web site that lists all of their products including their numerous dry transfer lettering sets. (10/10/2002)

(10/10/2002) In addition to previously announced releases for Naperville, Sunshine Models will also release several kits for "Aluminum" box cars. Five roads purchased or built ten aluminum box cars. The cars used fourteen panels (seven on each side of the door) rather than the standard ten for steel cars. In 1945, the Rock Island, M&St.L and the Alton all received cars built to the Modified 1937 AAR design by Mt. Vernon using Reynolds aluminum. The cars employed the unique 3/3/4 Dreadnaught end. The RI and Alton placed the cars in head end service. In 1947, the Chesapeake & Ohio and Nickel Plate built their own cars to the 10'0" IH postwar design with 3/4 Dreadnaught ends. All cars used Apex Tri-Lok running boards and Ajax geared hand brakes. Kits can be ordered from Sunshine at Box 4997, Springfield, MO 65808. Shipping is $4 for up to five kits.

Rock Island
10'6" IH 14-panel, 3/3/4 Dreadnaught end aluminum box car with black decals, metal running board
10'6" IH 14-panel, 3/3/4 Dreadnaught end aluminum box car with red decals, metal running board
10'6" IH 14-panel, 3/3/4 Dreadnaught end aluminum box car with green decals, metal running board
10'0" IH 14-panel, 3/4 Improved Dreadnaught end aluminum box car with black decals, metal running board
10'0" IH 14-panel, 3/4 Improved Dreadnaught end aluminum box car with black decals, metal running board

New releases from Greg Komar Dry Transfers (09/10/2002):

  • Norfolk & Western, 1934-1951 & 1951-1963 Lettering Schemes. Class H2 Triple Hopper, series #78000-79499, built 1941. Class H2A Triple Hopper, series #315500-25499, 26000-26999, 28500-31999, built 1948-1956. NOTE: Although this set is specifically designed to letter TWO H2/H2a hoppers, one each in the earlier and later schemes, enough additional data and class marks are included to enable the modeler to letter ANY TWO N&W coal hoppers in these schemes. White Lettering On Black Car.
    • N&W 397 O Scale $11.95
    • N&W 397 HO Scale $7.95
  • Pennsylvania - Class GLA 50 Ton Twin Hopper. Built 1905-1911. 1954 Shadow Keystone Scheme. White lettering and Black & White herald on Freight Car Red car.
    • PRR 393 O Scale $7.95
    • PRR 393 HO Scale $4.95

Greg Komar Dry Transfers can be reached via email or at Greg Komar, P.O. Box 340871, Tampa, FL 33694-0871. The catalog, including ordering information, can be accessed here.

The Steam Shack has a couple of new offerings of interest to Steam and Transition Era modelers (09/10/2002):

Intermountain Railway Company has produced an exclusive run of these cars for the Steam Shack. There are two lettering variations, with two car numbers each, for a total of four unique cars.

All grab irons and underbody details are applied individually, and the interior is precision scribed wood.

  • Pricing: $19.00 each, or a complete set of four for $75.00
  • Reboxx weight for these cars: $3.50 each.
  • Shipping: $3.00 each car, or $6.00 for the set.
  • Insurance: Add $.50 each to above shipping fee.
  • Vermont residents must add 5% sales tax.
These cars were manufactured especially for The Steam Shack by Intermountain Railway Company.
  • Etched roof walks and brake stands
  • Correct trucks and brake wheels
  • Free rolling metal wheelsets
  • Trustee and door lettering
  • Automatic couplers and correct weighting
  • Never done before 400 series numbering
  • Available in five numbers: 405, 418, 427, 433, & 444
  • Also available - the Skeptic Conversion Kit. Contains a roll of masking tape and metallic gray spray paint - $5.00

More photos on the Steam Shack web site

John Whitmore of Kaslo Shops Distributing is taking reservations to produce S Scale 40' PS-1s and Pennsy N5C cabooses. Here are the details, from John (09/10/2002):

I have been in contact with Jeff Briggs of Kaslo Shops (my business name is Kaslo Shops Distributing) and we have decided to produce two S scale kits to start with: the 40' PS-1 Box car and the Pennsy N5C Caboose.

These kits will only be produced if we can get 35 guaranteed orders for each kit.  The PS-1 will retail for $45.00 US and the N5C will retail for $45.00 US. Once I have 35 committed orders for these kits, Jeff will begin production of the masters.  I will require a 25% deposit on each kit but will only request it when I received commitment for the total 35 kits.  E-mails can either be sent to John Whitmore (Yahoo! address) or John Whitmore (@pinc).

If these first kits are successful (i.e. we have good demand and volume) then Jeff and I will look into producing other S Scale kits.

CNWHS to offer M&St.L 1937 AAR Box Cars in 'Green' Scheme with Correct Superior 566 Hand Brake! (08/16/2002)
From Gene Green:

M&St.L received 500 1937 AAR Box Cars numbered in the 53000 series in Nov & Dec 1944 from GATC. These were originally box car red with white stenciling. After delivery in 1952 of the so-called "green" 4000 series box cars (which had black ends, underframe and roof), the M&St.L began repainting some of the 53000 all green (except black underframe) using the same green as on the 4000 series. All stenciling was yellow.

I went through Du Pont to get correct color chips for both the green and yellow. Additionally there is a good assortment of photos as well as the M&St.L stencil diagram to get all the lettering correct.Red Caboose will do the car for the CNWHS using the "IMWX" model in HO, but will substitute metal running boards. The M&St.L 53000 series had 200 cars with USG and 300 with Apex running boards. Records don't show which cars had which. Red Caboose is making the correct Superior 566 hand brake and hand wheel for this car (pictured at left). The kit's Youngstown door is correct for the 53000's. These cars will be accurate - correct sides, correct underframe, correct ends, correct doors, correct roof, correct running board, correct hand brake, correct colors - except that the poling pocket dimple should be shaved off.

Plans are to take delivery of 300 cars of which 225 will be assembled and ready-to-run. Early December delivery is expected. The artwork will be completed by Aug 16 and the hand brake and wheel shortly thereafter. We expect the cars to be shipped to China for assembly in early September.

The Superior hand brake will be available as a separate part through the CNWHS. The wheel rim and spokes have the correct cross sections and the housing is complete with release lever and see-through gear.

Exact prices have not been set. As soon as we know the prices we'll take advance reservations. These will sell out fast.

With mention of the forthcoming W&R HO Scale brass NP single sheathed box cars, it was brought to our attention that there is already a model of these cars in O Scale from Chooch. For information on prices and ordering, visit the Chooch web site.

W&R will import HO Scale brass models of four versions of the Northern Pacific's single sheathed box cars built in 1931-1932. They should arrive in 2003 and dealer prices will be at around $200 per model. The versions are as follows:

  • Version 1 - NP #14500-14999 Single Sheathed Box Car, 40 Ton, inside height of 8ft 3in, Built at Brainerd, MN, K Brakes, Betterndorf T section trucks, FP Mineral Red Body, Black underframe and trucks
  • Version 2 - NP #20000-20499 Single Sheathed Box Car, 50 Ton, inside height of 8ft 3in, Built at Laurel, MT, K Brakes, Andrews trucks, FP Mineral Red Body, Black underframe and trucks
  • Version 3 - NP #14500-14999 Single Sheathed Box Car, Upgraded, inside height of 8ft 3in, Built at Brainerd, MN, AB Brakes, ASF trucks, FP Mineral Red Body, Black underframe and trucks
  • Version 4 - NP #20000-20499 Single Sheathed Box Car, Upgraded, inside height of 8ft 3in, Built at Laurel, MT, AB Brakes, ASF trucks, FP Mineral Red Body, underframe and trucks

Walthers will be doing the Union Pacific's Class CA-1 cabooses in HO Scale. UP modeler Mike Brock saw test shots of these in Fort Lauderdale and indicated that they are the rival of brass imports. Walthers will be offering single models in undecorated (#7540), UP Yellow (#7541) and oxide red (#7542) for $24.98 and two packs in UP Yellow (#27541) and oxide red (#27542) for $49.98. Delivery is expected in late November. For more info, check the Walthers web site. (08/01/2002)

Chooch will be offering two new HO gon loads, Coil Steel (part 7235) and Heavy Tire (part 7236), both for $8.99 each. They are due in approximately mid October. To see more loads, go to Chooch's web site.

Tichy is releasing Open Car Corner Gussets in for hoppers and gons in HO scale (part 3063). Price is $2.50.

Red Caboose has released the Ladder/Grab/End Detail parts sprue for the Mather refrigerator cars as a separate detail part (#100003) in box car red styrene. Price is $2.75. Go to the Red Caboose web site for more details.

Walthers will be offering GSC Express Box Trucks in HO scale. These will be injection molded in plastic with 33" wheelsets. The product number is 1062 and retail price is set at $5.98. For more information, please visit the Walthers web site. Picture from the Walthers web site

From the National Train Show at the NMRA Convention, Marty McGuirk announced that Intermountain will be releasing a Fruit Growers Express wood refrigerator car in HO scale. The car will be of entirely new tooling. Intermountain is also offering decorated and assembled HO scale Tichy models, starting with the USRA hoppers, then the PFE reefers and lastly, the USRA single sheathed box cars. (7/24/2002)

Challenger Imports will be importing HO scale brass models of both versions of the Northern Pacific's War Emergency box cars. The two models are as follows:

  • 2479.1 - Cars 28000-28749 as built by Pullman-Standard - black ends, underbody & side frames
  • 2479.2 - Cars 28750-28999 as built by Pressed Steel - Box car red on all surfaces (7/22/2002)

Heico-Modell - 870115 - Loads - Steel Beams 8"/20cm Long - HO - $35.99

Funaro & Camerlengo - 6740 - Berwind BW-1 Hopper Car - HO - $27.99 - Expected 01-Jun-2002

Tichy - 034 - End Bolt Detail for Freight Cars w/Truss Rods - 1.75" Rod, Nut, 6" Cast Washer (Plastic - pkg[96]) - $TBA (5/6/2002)

Red Caboose - 17044 - ARA Box Car 1924 w/Steel Plate Ends - CNJ - N scale- $13.95 (5/6/2002)

Eastern Car Works - 9071 - Freight Trucks - 55 Ton Type "Y" - HO - $3.00 (5/6/2002)
Eastern Car Works - 4700 - PRR F-38 Heavy Flat Car - HO - $50.00, N - $TBA

American Model Builders - 869 - ACL M3 "Plywood Sheathed" Version Caboose - HO - $36.95 (4/20/2002)

State Tool & Die - 780 - Universal Steel Mill Car w/Trucks & Couplers - HO - $8.95 (4/20/2002)

Eastern Car Works - 9130 - Brake Shoes - HO - $3.00 (4/19/2002)

Funaro & Camerlengo - 30040 - PRR H30A - HO - $27.99 (4/18/2002)

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