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The Manufacturers page is something of an experiment. We are hopeful that we can create a moderated dialogue between the industry manufacturers and the modelers who buy their products. We have a couple of ideas as to how we can possibly make this work.

First, we would like the manufacturers to field questions about their business. We know that some of this site’s visitors are extremely difficult to please and are not afraid to vocalize their opinions about products. This page should give manufacturers a forum to develop well-founded, cogent responses to their customers’ inquiries and comments without the tit-for-tat, “type before engaging brain” mentality that email lists have, but with a real-time nature that the printed media cannot possibly incorporate. Tell us why we cannot have ACF refrigerator cars with several different underframe variations?

Also, we are hopeful that manufacturers will respond to the Wish List section of the site. If the last Steam Era Wish List that RailModel Journal tabulated is any indication, the manufacturers do listen to what the buying community says. If we receive 250 wish List responses and 210 say that they rank the Wabash single sheathed auto cars in their top 3 picks, why wouldn’t a manufacturer produce them in styrene? Again, a well-reasoned response that incorporates the business side of the equation would go a long way towards educating the modeling community.

It is our aim to provide the manufacturers with access to the considerable reference material that the visitors of this site possess. They can make project research and development easier. If you are interested in researching a potential product, please let us know if you need help gathering materials. All requests will be kept confidential and only the individuals that need to be contacted will know about the request. Please send an email to if you need information or have any questions about the process.

Thank you for listening to us and producing the many excellent models of prototypes that you have delivered within the last five years. We appreciate it.

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