Collection of Ted Culotta

Staffan Ehnbom provided the following information. Our thanks to him.

The 2500 was a one of a kind aluminum express box that was built according to the same order as 24 plywood side express box cars 2501-2524 and the plywood side freight boxes nos 44025-44999.

The Plywood side express cars had orange sides with green trim, roof and ends black. Lettering was black Scotchlight (road name, initials and stripe inbetween and lettering in herald). The Goat was white on bright red circle and outer border of herald. The rest of the side lettering was (non-Scotchlight) Pullman green.I believe the trucks were ASF A-3 type.

The 2500 was natural aluminum color, of course and remained so until its demise some time in the 1980's. Pictures of it were used to herald the introduction of Scotchlight lettering on freight cars in 1944. The GN had some connection to the 3M company, which produced the Scotchlight material. There is some debate as to whether the lettering on the 2500 from the start was all black or if it was identical to the colors of the plywood side express boxes. The Railway Age article featuring the 2500 says "the familiar goat in the monogram is made of silver Scotchlight, surrounded by a red Scotchlight field and concentric outer ring......The letters are made of a black Scotchlight which appears black in daylight but reflects similarly to the silver at night."

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