Corrections & Amendments

Here is a list of corrections made to information presented on this site, along with a link directly to the location where the correction was made. The corrections will be highlighted within the body of the text for approximately one month from the date the correction was posted. This should allow visitors to easily view updates. Please submit information on corrections to, Subject: Corrections.

Ben Hom submitted ths information about GN 25096 in the prototype gallery...per Ben, GN25096 is one of the 1923 Pullman-built clones:

GN 23494-24993, Mt. Vernon, 1919, USRA allocation
GN 24994-25993, Pullman, 1923, 7/8 Murphy Ends

This clarification has been added. Thanks Ben. (11/25/2005)

Bob Witt caught us napping. On the CMO 1944 AAR Box Car Page, it said, "In 1945, the Chicago St. Paul Minneapolis & Omaha received 400 box cars from American Car & Foundry's Madison, WI plant." Bob said, correctly, "I believe this should be the Madison, Illinois AC&F plant." The change has been made. Thanks, Bob! (3/20/2002)

David Thompson shared the following: the N&W's class BK USRA single-sheathed boxes weren't renumbered until the 1940s; the class BL 1-1/2-door clones were renumbered in the 1930s, probably as they were converted to class BLa single-door cars. (3/17/2002)

Matt Herson advised that the Central of Georgia's 1932 ARA box cars had erronoeously been included in the 1937 AAR listing. (2/21/2002)

Robert Oom let us know the following, also about the 1937 AAR Box cars:

Michael Seitz pointed out an error in our page on the Milwaukee's War Emergency gondolas. We had indicated that they had an IL of 48' (from where we do not know!). The correct dimension is 41'6". (2/19/2002)

Earl Tuson advised that all of the Canadian Pacific 1937 AAR Box Cars had welded 5/5 Dreadnaught ends. The correction has been made to the Table of As Built 1937 AAR Box Cars (2/13/2002)

Earl also let us know that the following CN cars had National Type B trucks:


Gene Deimling caught an error in the same table. The Central of Georgia's 6600 series cars end at 6999, not 6699 as was erroneously typed in to the Table (2/13/2002)