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The photos on this web site are an invaluable part of the research that is Prototype Modeling. Unfortunately, we cannot simply go out to the local rail yard and shoot images of the equipment that we model. Fortunately, others did expend the time and effort to document many of these freight cars, thereby preserving them for the use of historians and modelers. However, these images are not to be considered "free additions" for the collections of visitors to this site. Most of the images on this site are covered by copyright laws. Permissions, where possible, have been obtained from the holders of the copyrights. Any reproduction or republication of these images could be a violation of US or other copyright laws. Please contact the stewards of this site if you would like learn more about a specific photo.

A note: The stewards of this site visit many, many web sites that relate to model railroading. If we see any of the images or content from this site posted elsewhere, without the permission of this site, we reserve the right to take action for violation of copyright.

Thank you for your understanding.

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