San Francisco Bay Area Prototype Modelers Mini Meet
Sunday, June 23rd, 2002

Display & Discussion Models

Attendees brought about 80 or 90 models for display. Here are photos of some of them. Apologies for the poor quality of some - I just purchased a digital camera and am still learning! Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.

Baltimore & Ohio USRA 70-ton Mill Gondola (Westerfield)- Richard Hendrickson

Central Railroad of Pennsylvania (CNJ) 65' Mill Gondola (Precision Scale) - Richard Hendrickson

Detroit Toledo & Ironton & Pere Marquette Auto Frame Gondolas (Kitbashes) - Richard Hendrickson

Missouri Pacific Panel Side Gondola (Sunshine/Funaro & Camerlengo) - Tony Thompson

Pacific Fruit Express R-50-5 Frozen Food Refrigerator (Sunshine) - Paul Koehler

Pennsylvania Railroad G27 Auto Frame Gondola (Sunshine) - Paul Koehler

Reading USRA 70-ton Mill Gondola (Walthers) - Richard Hendrickson

Seaboard Air Line AF-1 Auto/Furniture Car (Sunshine) - Paul Koehler

Southern Pacific B-50-6 Box Car (Westerfield) - Paul Koehler

Southern Pacific B-50-12A Rebuilt USRA Box Car (Sunshine) - Paul Koehler

Southern Pacific B-50-13 Box Car (Sunshine) - Paul Koehler

Southern Express B-50-24 Express Car - Paul Koehler

Southern Pacific A-50-6 Automobile Car (Funaro & Camerlengo) - Paul Koehler

Southern Mill Gondola (Kitbash) - Richard Hendrickson

Union Refrigerator Transit/Milwaukee Refrigerator - Paul Koehler

Western Pacific 'Greenville' Gondola (Kitbash) - Richard Hendrickson