About the Steam Era Freight Cars Web Site

The Steam Freight Cars web site is designed to be a place where model railroaders who seek to produce the most prototypically accurate freight cars possible can come to view information pertinent to their pursuits. This site is not supported or funded by any manufacturers or others with a vested interest in the hobby. That frees the stewards of this site to present critical and accurate information about the products available to model freight cars.

We welcome any and all feedback and suggestions as to the content and presentation of this site. We seek to make it user-friendly to benefit you, the modelers and historians. We especially appreciate hearing about any mistakes that you may find in this site – prototype modeling is not a science and we realize that new information is continuously coming to light.

We would like to encourage the visitors to this site to participate in the growth of the information available here. Please send us photos of prototypes, along with photos of your efforts to model them, reviews of kits, books and other products, “articles” about your modeling efforts – with or without photos (we place articles in quotation marks because we want to make sharing information as easy as possible and realize that writing an article, in the traditional context, is an undertaking many seek to avoid. Therefore, even a few photos and a couple of handwritten notes will allow us to share your efforts with others and possibly introduce new prototypes and techniques to the greater community.) In addition, please share any information you might have about upcoming prototype meets, existing steam era freight cars (including where they are located), newly discovered photo collections, upcoming events, etc in order that the group might benefit from this information exchange.

Manufacturers are encouraged to take advantage of this site. We are hopeful that they will use this as a place to gauge interest in future projects. We would also like to see them use this site as a means to potentially access previously unavailable data to aid in their new product development.

To grow this site to its fullest potential, we need the input and assistance of all of you. Together, we can make it a place for all to share in the passion of prototype modeling of steam era freight cars.

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